Jaguar C - Type Alloy bodied recreation

A beautiful alloy bodied recreation of a Jaguar C Type

An accurate Jaguar C type recreation with a coach built aluminium body. The car is beautifully finished and the workmanship is outstanding.




  • BODY STYLE / 2 door Roadster
  • ENGINE CAPACITY / 3400cc

This beautiful accurate Jaguar C Type recreation has been built using what are widely known as the most accurate parts. The chassis is built by Suffolk Sports car to the correct "Works Specification" , along with the suspension, brakes fuel system, steering and radiator all being supplied by Suffolk Sports cars. The Aluminium body was constructed by Simon Isles Coachbuilding from the mould used by the Suffolk team. The 3.4 engine is an XJ6 unit from an early series, with a big valve injection head which has been ported and gas flowed. The inlet manifold is also ported and matched. The vernier cam timing has also been adjusted to give longer valve opening timings . The car is fitted with two SU Carburettors as were the 1951 Works cars. The bottom end has been totally rebuilt with new bearing and gaskets. The wiring loom was also supplied by Suffolk Jaguar. The car has travelled very few miles since completion and has to be seen. This beautiful Jaguar C Type represents fantastic value for money and is ready to be injured by its new owner.

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The Aluminium body has been beautifully and traditionally hand crafted by Simon Isles Coachwork in the North of England, the car has been used very sparingly since it build in 2016.

The engine sport two large SU and runs very smoothly, the engine has been ported and gas flowed, the inlet manifold is also ported and matched

The coachwork is very accurate to that of an original 1951 team car and present beautifully in British racing green, it has to be seen to be appreciated.



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