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We only stock exceptional cars. We seek to source the best cars across a broad range of the market place; cars which will provide their new owners with a fantastic ownership experience. All of our cars have been highly scrutinised and inspected, both in terms of their condition and their ownership and service histories. We will be delighted to talk extensively to potential buyers and impart all the knowledge we have on any given car, and we will welcome visits by appointment for personal inspection and for a test drive. Our stock is changing frequently so please call for the latest details. Equally, our experience allows us to source cars on request, so if there is something specific you are seeking please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact Alex directly if you would like to talk about the sale or purchase of a collectable motor car.

1950 Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep by Crosthwaite & Gardiner

1959 Ac Ace Bristol


This wonderful, original Super specification 356 has spent its whole life in California and more recently Nevada. As confirmed by the Factory Certificate of Authenticity, it was delivered new in its current colour combination of black paintwork with black interior trim, a rare combination at the time. It was also fitted with the chrome wheel option from new. Correct Hella spotlights adorn the nose of the car, whilst the interior boasts original headrests and a Nardi wood-rimmed steering wheel.


One of only 600 T6 cabriolets built in 1961 for the '62 model year. The last owner is a well-known Californian Porsche enthusiast with a large collection, including many 4-cam models, and a museum of rare automobilia.

Jaguar C - Type Alloy bodied recreation

An accurate Jaguar C type recreation with a coach built aluminium body. The car is beautifully finished and the workmanship is outstanding.

1984 FERRARI 308 GTS

A great driving example that has been cosmetically restored and is ready to go on long european trips.

1959 Aston Martin DB4 Series 1 LHD

In 1958 the all new Aston Martin Db4 was debuted at the London Motor show. The engine was a Tarek Marek design, a 3670CC unit with DOHC , producing 240bhp. Aston Martin employed the famous Italian coach builder Carrozzeria Touring for its Supperleggera lightweight Aluminium body construction.


 First introduced at the 2003 Geneva International Motor Show, the Challenge Stradale was a limited production, high performance, road-legal version of the 360, where the design objective was 20% track day use and 80% road use. In total only 1,288 Challenge Stradale’s were made world wide, making it rarer than a Ferrari F40. The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale featured the following upgrades.

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

• 2.5 seconds quicker around the Ferrari test track.
• 110kg lighter than the standard road car
• 420BHP
• Brembo Carbon ceramic brakes
• The Ferrari 360 challenge Stradale was based on the 360 challenge built as an out and out racer.


The DB5 was essentially the next generation of the very successful DB4 with many improvements particularly in power, with the new 4.0 litre version of the Tadek Marek 6 cyl engine developing 280 bhp.
A new 5 speed gearbox and much improved brakes along with many other refinements made this a superb sports car at the time. Introduced in the summer of 1963, only 898 saloon cars and a mere 123 convertibles were built until October 1965, when production was given over to the DB6. The DB5 remains one of the most Iconic sports cars of all time!


"The best all round sports and GT car we have ever tested", Road and Track Magazine. The new boxer was released at the 1971 Turin Auto Show, where Ferrari introduced a stunning new mid-engine road car to compete head-on with the Lamborghini Miura and the Maserati Bora.



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