1950 Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep by Crosthwaite & Gardiner

A Tool Room Recreations by Crosthwaite and Gardiner




  • MILEAGE / 695
  • BODY STYLE / 2 Door Roadster
  • TRANSMISSION / 4 Speed Manual

The 1950’s was the golden era for small motor manufacturers with racing pedigree; HWM, Lister, Tojeiro and Frazer Nash were amongst the most famous of the time. The Frazer Nash utilised an engine built specially by Bristol Motors, a simple chassis and lightweight aluminium body to achieve great success in both circuit racing and rallying, as well as being considered amongst the best handling road cars of the 1950’s. With only 21 Mk 1 Le Man Reps being made in total between 1949 and 1954, these cars are highly collectable and sought after.

It is thought that C & G built between 6 and 8 Frazer Nash chassis in total. According to Dick Crosthwaite it all began when Stephen Curtis entrusted C & G to rebuild and rebody the original Le Mans Replica, chassis number FN9. FN9 had had a hard life and had been substantially modified. The chassis work was carried out by C & G themselves whilst the bodywork was replicated by Peels of Surbiton. Crosthwaite and Gardener would borrow FN Le Mans rep FN158, owned by Martin Morris, for reference purposes. Whilst Crosthwaite and Gardiner had access to these two original cars they thought it would be a good opportunity to build some tool room copies; one for themselves and a handful of others for like-minded enthusiasts. Once again, C & G built the chassis and the bodies were made by Peels of Surbiton, whilst engines and gearboxes came from donor Bristol cars of the 1950’s era.

This particular car has a very interesting history; of all the cars built by C&G this one probably has the purest history, being owned by a single custodian. Since then it has sat in an eclectic collection alongside original Le Mans and TT Rep Nashes. The car has covered very few miles from new, with old MOT’s on file showing the current mileage is correct at c.600. Always lovingly cared for, the car benefits from recent servicing and has been set up for road motoring. It is very rare not only to find a very accurate tool room copy but also a car that was purchased directly from C & G. With original Frazer Nash Le Mans Replicas approaching £700,000. This C & G car is a perfect candidate for great motoring at a fraction of the cost.

In a recent telephone conversation with Dick Crosthwaite, he remembers selling this car to the current custoridan and he is very happy to talk to any interested party about the car.

In the words of James Trigwell in an article in the Chain Gang Gazette “ if you cannot find a genuine car, or don’t want to pay the very high price they now command and want a car for touring, these C&G Le Mans reps make a very attractive substitute.”

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Driving a Le Mans Rep is a very special expierience, feeling at one with the road. The chassis gives you confidence encouraging you to drive the car with the throttle. Looking over that long louvered bonnet can only be described as a pure form of driving with the exhaust singing from ones side.

With increased throttle comes singing from the 2L Bristol engine and it really is an unforgettable experience with the want for more. 

This Le Mans Rep has recently had a through service and the carburettors rebuilt. The car runs smoothly and is ready to be enjoyed.



1950 Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep by Crosthwaite & Gardiner

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